Food and restaurant related blogs I follow…

In the last year I’ve started reading a bunch of food and restaurant blogs and have come to realize that there’s quite a foodie community in Vancouver.  Shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s super cool to find others with like interest in gorging ourselves.  In the spirit of giving them props and also to thank them for helping me get through the 2pm doldrums at work, I’ve listed them below:

1. – I met Karen Hamilton through some Salsa dancing friends.  She was a graphic designer at another software company at that time.  Great respect for her as she pursued her passion for food and photography and now has a consulting business.  Check out her site – great community.

2. – This was a referral from Karen – a really cool concept run by Annika Reinhardt.  Check it out – the concept is you can participate as a wannabe hobby chef or as a guest.  Guests pay a small fee to visit 2 chefs in one night; while the chefs cook for 2 sittings.  End of the night, dessert is provided by a sponsor – usually a cool location – and guests rate the meals with the winning chef getting a freebie to be a guest at the next event.  Wicked right?

3. – This is a hilarious restaurant review site run by my buddy Matt – whom I worked with selling athletic sneaks back in the day at Superstar, before it went under.  He writes in a “street-style” and takes a no holds barred approach to giving props or shootin’ down the crappy restaurants.

4. – This is very sexy site that promotes Vancouver food, music and restaurants.  Site contains news about chefs, new restaurant openings and insider interviews.  Check out the video of the Ferrari racing in Paris in 1978.

More to come…


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