How it all started?

Welcome World!  It all started in a narrow, dark, government-subsidized apartment in the late 1970s in Singapore.  That’s where I was born.  It was and still is a food mecca.  Ask anyone who has lived or travelled there and they’ll rave endlessly about the hawker centres – massive outdoor food courts where vendors are stacked side by side and you can pick up lunch or dinner for a mere 4 bucks!  My dad still raves about it.  Actually, he still draws comparisons with the foods costs in Vancouver.

As Singapore has a multi-cultural population consisting of primarily Chinese, Indians and Malays – I got exposed to a pretty adventurous palette at a very young age.  I enjoyed the amazing scents that wafted from our small kitchen each day (come to think of it – that kitchen is still probably bigger than my 600 square foot Yaletown pad today!).  The simplicity of the smell that comes from sauteing onions and garlic is what had me.  If there’s such a thing as the Jerry Maguire moment of loving food, it’s this one.  You had me at “onions and garlic”.onions and garlic

I hung out in the kitchen a lot.  Usually after my daily bike ride or hours of tennis in the scorching sun, I would come home and dinner would be getting prepared.  And whether it was curiosity, or via osmosis, I came to learn the basics of cooking and loving it.

It would take another 22 years before it manifested in the form of me actually having to cook for myself as a bachelor living in downtown Vancouver.  And as I would soon find out, cooking for a date is damned sexy.

I hope you enjoy reading what I’ve learned, pick up some tips and I would love to hear about your food, cooking and dating stories.


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