Deeper Shade of Tomato

I’m getting excited.  In April, albeit a little early, I was inspired by Cam & Angie to start an herb garden. Living downtown, I’m limited by my lego-sized patio but I get direct sunlight which is good for the plants, not good for the sweat.

I embarked on my green-thumb mission with 2 planter boxes, soil liner, organic soil, fertilizer, a watering can and a selection of herbs and a tomato plant.

The plant currently has tomatoes in 3 different colours – pretty damn cool.  Within a week, I bet “sibling dinner” or a lucky date will be served Insalata Caprese with fresh tomatoes and basil from my patio.  I’ll post pictures.

Green tomato

Orange tomatoRed tomato

A few tips from hard knocks:

– April is too early for basil – you have to grow them indoors until it gets warmer.
– Tomato plants are hoarders of nutrients.  Keep them in their own pot.  I had thyme and oregano in the same box – and they’re both DEAD.  May they rest in peace.
– Get a strong wooden stick and some twine to secure the tomato vines as it grows.  I found a fly catcher with a wooden stick at the dollar store in Yaletown for 2 bucks.
– Eat your cilantro as it grows.  Once they start sprouting flowers, they taste like crap.
– If you see white flies on your plants, use something called insecticidal soap before they kill your plants.


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