Bbq, fire, beer – the makings of a great camping trip

The closest thing to a summer tradition over the last 3 years has been a camping trip I organize for my close group of friends.  Last year we had 15 people on 3 campsites – which made for some great laughs and great food.  This year however was a tad different – as there have been couples with newborns, a wedding and other stuff, which made scheduling difficult.

I managed to still convince the boys, aka the Singletons, to head south of the border to Larrabee State Park in Washington (only 20 minutes past the border) for much needed R&R.  It’s amazing how little it takes to make me happy – beer, barbeque and a fire.  I’ve attached some pics of the Pacific Ocean sunset and of course food.

Couple simple marinades we threw into a ziploc for our meat:

1) Chicken – dijon, tabasco and cajun-spice (ate this with tortilla wraps and salsa)
2) Beef strip-loins – juice from 2 limes, cajun-spice (ate this with wild rice and stir-fried veges)

I’d love to hear any great camping stories you’ve had this year or tips to eating well while camping.  Coz seriously – unless you’re in the backcountry – why settle for a can of beans?


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