Foodie Hotties #2: Laura Calder

“To me, the most important thing to take away from the French when it comes to food (if not everything else) is their passion for pleasure,” says Laura in her latest book. “Putting pleasure first means that we shop better, we cook better, we eat better, and, by extension, we live and love better.Laura Calder

Any woman who speaks about food that way gets a VIP pass onto my Foodie Hotties list (check out the rest in the “Celebrity Chefs” category).  Originally from New Brunswick, 37 year-old Laura Calder hosts the whimsical show “French Food at Home” on Food Network Canada.  This very educated lassie with a masters from the London School of Economics “speaks fluent French, good Italian, rusty German, and reads Spanish”, as described in one biography.

Laura Calder

More importantly, this lady knows her French cooking and she makes it look good.  She wears these body-hugging summer dresses and carries herself with a joie de vivre across her studio kitchen – whippin up dishes like savory tarts, artery-coating beef bourguignon, and mouth-watering sautes.  Check out this interview where she describes “Why the French Do it Better” – some great insights on being “green” and shopping at farmers markets.


43 thoughts on “Foodie Hotties #2: Laura Calder

  1. I really enjoy Laura’s show on Food network. I am a home chef with the world being my recipe. Fresh ingredients are my flavor and the combining of styles is what I enjoy. Laura has directed me through French food and has allowed me to understand it even more. I must have some French in me because my passion for giving pleasure through my food is true. It has been said that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” but I would have to say that is just as true for the ladies 🙂 Thanks Laura.

  2. I always watch Laura Calder on food network, she is an inspiring gorgeous woman. I would gargle bees for a woman like her. She is an incredible woman, would love to have her in my kitchen cooking with me.

  3. Laura Calder is the sexiest cook since Julia Child, her career should just explode as the U.S. market finally gets to see this classic beauty perform. Her style is mesmerizing, her lovely countenance, is one of Canada’s hidden treasures. I must meet this gorgeous excuse for a lady.

  4. I think I love her, it was love at first sight….I have a little French inside me as my Great Grandfather was a candy maker from
    France, I was born on his birthday. I must meet this connection to my heritage.

  5. She is a really talented cook. Not to mention her awesome charismatic personality and her other attributes like her likable smile. She is quite a unique woman.

  6. Just want to say, great show. I don’t really watch cooking shows,my wife does, but yours is one of the best. BTW, you are the best looking cook I’ve ever seen.
    Keep up the good work.
    Cheers everyone!

  7. Laura is so hot. I watch the show because my girlfriend watches it, but I don’t mind at all watching Laura walk around the kitchen… and I don’t care much at all to learn about French cooking.

  8. After watching how easy Laura makes cooking French, I wish I could learn from her by cooking with her. I don’t do French cooking. I am NOT a professional. I am more “down-home”, but I think it would be fun to cook with her.

  9. I LOVE Laura Calder! What a refreshing change from the INANITY of Rachel Ray! Calder is Genuinely “CUTE”, Genuinely attractive, AND presents herself as having an IQ above 3! For the ALL American Boy, she IS some of the nicest “Eye Candy” on TV … BUT she has BRAINS to go along with those BOOBS and THAT is unique in a universe of airheads with nothing more to offer than Cleavage or CUTESY E-V-O-O ‘s … MORE Laura and LESS Rachel PLEEEEEEEZ! Want REAL Class??? How about Ina Garten? She is another REAL lady with a REAL mass of Grey Matter! Don’t EVEN get me started on the Males ON FOOD TV… Guy Fieri and DUFF the Cake Dude … Gimme a Break!

  10. Laura could re-fry 2 week old Kentucky Fried Chicken and it would come out gourmet. And God she’s gorgeous. I don’t cook but I still watch her every chance I get. Guys like me could never have her over to the place and cook her dinner. My best wouldn’t even rate a place in her trash bin.

  11. My wife and I really enjoy Laura Calder’s show “french food at home”. We look forward to watching every day. Just one suggestion: The camera person needs to back off from the actual work being done. The closeness gives one a sense of dizziness, and makes it difficult to actually see the cooking process. Thanks a ton. Hope Laura continues to create more shows.

  12. Hello everyone and thank you for your posts and interest in my foodie hottie post about Laura Calder. It’s so funny how some people have mistakenly assumed this post is associated with her show or the food network. But thanks nonetheless. Come back soon for more celebrity foodie hotties on

  13. I do enjoy the recipes she makes, but I find her a little off putting. Her sexy affectations seem quite forced and unnatural looking. She’s certainly an attractive woman, but I think she’s trying to hard to be sexy instead of just being.

  14. Oh come on, she only has to wake up to be sexy, her way of cooking and being is what romance is made from. I do hope to meet her someday, someway, I hope she likes Poets.

  15. Totally irritating and
    pretentious woman. For someone who claims to speak fluent French, why can’t she pronounce “voila”??

  16. Laura doesn’t speak to you as though you are 3 years old, she’s not a big mouth, does not droan, nothing over-the-top about her. She’s just down to earth SEXY. Sincerely, and it just happens that she can cook her ample ass off!

  17. just tried your cream apple tart and it’s delicious…it came out almost like a cheesecake topped with apple and almonds. Love your French food at home Show. I have tried your chicken recipes as well and it was really good. I love cooking and have a collection of food I’ve prepared and cooked on my Facebook account. (*&^)

  18. There’s no doubt that you Miss Laura was born into my world to acknowledge everything I’ve said and believe. Beautiful women, good food, wine and music, and you have the “ambrosia” of life. My heavens you have surely reached me.

  19. I watch her show always. She’s wholesome , exceedingly
    attractive, intelligent..what more???

    Use mostly her recipes..her lemon tart to die for!


  20. I kind of get it why men view her as hot, but she is a class A-1 witch with a “B”. I have first-hand experience with this and I don’t care how sexy she thinks she is or how bootylicious guys think she is, to my mind she is a far cry from a real chef and has a huge nerve strutting around as such….she may have lived in France, but a true maven or even cook, she aint…

  21. why is it that every time men like a particular woman, there is ALWAYS another woman(or women) who will be jealous, envious, etc, and try sooo hard to find something wrong with that woman. oh, they’ll grant you that the woman is “attractive”, or “pretty”, and then they find something silly to peck at. envy is a terrible thing, Ladies.

  22. One of the better, imaginative and entertaining cooking shows on TV with always sophisticated but doable dishes on the menu. Laura Calder is a charmer. And of course it’s obvious the camera is head over heels in sweet goopy don’t ever leave me puppy love with her breasts.

  23. ive been watching your shows on food channel,love your cooking,such a sexey personality,your passion for food,and it riches of life with in,just love it thanks Laura

  24. Today, being a woman who’s a woman’seems’ forced in a world of chicks trying to be men, this entertainer is the epitomy of what a man wants in a woman. Some of today’s women should take out their chew, turn off the game and learn something!

  25. By chance, I ran accross Laura’s show while channel surfing. Basically, the same way I fell in love with Nigella. But, Laura has got something special, a certain je na sais quois. A joi de vive, if you will. I’m from New Orleans, we know cooking! Laura sure makes a batchelor want to put down his McDonalds chicken sandwich!

  26. I love Laura Calder’s show. She makes a can of sardines look sensual. Actually, Laura is the embodiment of sensuality. I love french food and I encorporate the french style of cooking into my cooking method. However, I have lost the french STYLE of living, which I find that she is inspiring me to live again. Love, Food, passion, style…the stuff of life.

    Randy Watts

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