Interview with Roccapuccia

I get to learn a lot about my co-worker’s eating habits everyday at work.  One that dumbfounds me is A.D. – she was my pod-mate and President of Roccapuccia, a lifestyle blog featuring “The unscripted ramblings of a Park Avenue Princess in training”.Roccapucia

A few months ago I started calling her a Nutritional Wasteland – judging from her diet coke and cupcake snacks.  You know how Joey found his hand-twin on Friends, well, this is not like that at all, she’s the complete opposite from me when it comes to food and eating.  I thought it’d be fun to ask her some questions about her eating habits:

What is your first experience in the kitchen?
My grandmother was a fabulous cook and I can remember running in while she wasn’t looking and eating things out of pots and off counters.  When I moved out to go to University, we had a communal kitchen which might be considered “my” first kitchen… but it was pretty much where we met to go drinking… My most vivid kitchen memory is making this brown sugar fudge as a teenager when my grandma was visiting and hearing her say that you had to “keep stirring, keep stirring, you can never stir enough”… My grandma went to do something else and while I was stirring, a boy phoned me on the phone and I didn’t “keep stirring”.  Sugary fudge mixture boiled over the top of the saucepan and into the entire element while I had gone and went to my room to keep talking on the phone.  Needless to say that when my grandma came back into the room, there was nothing left in the pan, and the sugar was all in this element- and a hole had been burned into the bottom of the pan and the element was literally stuck to the pan.  My parents had to throw out the pan and replace the element and the element casing.  I was in HUGE trouble.

Name something you’ve boiled, baked, steamed, fried, and bbq’d?
I’ve boiled water (Can you boil anything else?), baked a potato, I’ve never steamed anything (unless you count clothes, and in that case I’ve steamed a shirt… Once…), I’ve fried chicken and after having almost set the house on fire, I try to BBQ as little as possible, but I can BBQ potatoes, chicken and steak (if you don’t care how well or not well it’s grilled).

How often would you say you frequent fast food?
I’d have to admit that it’s quite often.  I’d say that the average per week would be around 7?  Wow, I feel embarrassed just writing that.

What is a typical breakfast, lunch and dinner?
Typical lunch is a Starbucks Grande No Fat Tazo Chai Latté and perhaps a lemon raspberry loaf- or a breakfast wrap if I’m up for the 1 block walk.  Typical lunch is wherever the rest of my co-workers are headed… Thai, burgers, sushi, donairs… I’ve never brought a lunch from home once in the time I’ve been a full-time worker.  Dinner is either grabbed on the run (McDs and BK are both close to my house) or “made” at home… Made at home would be spaghetti, frozen chicken or pizzas.

How do you feel about potlucks?
It takes luck to eat something I’ve brought in a pot… But overall these are my favorite kinds of gatherings where I have to be involved in the preparation of food.  I will bring the best buns or the best salsa and chips you’ve ever had.  I once was a co-creator of a 7-layer dip for a Superbowl party and I also once bought a pre-cooked chicken.

Why do you think you’ve been given the nickname, “nutritional wasteland”?
Well… I think it’s quite obvious- I eat out a lot, very few vegetables and don’t generally worry myself with things like vitamins, calorie counts or trans fats.  It’s mainly because I’m too lazy to learn how or to actually cook (although I’m getting inspired by the Kitchen Bachelor!) and as I get older, I’ve come to the very slow realization that my metabolism isn’t the same as it used to be.

Why do you eat?
I love to eat because I really like the taste of food.  I also eat a lot when I’m bored or watching TV I feel like I should always have a snack going.

What do you think will help you eat better?
I think that I need to set aside time every week to plan out my meals for the week.  I think that planning is key.  I also need to take the time to learn about healthier eating and cooking… But I’m getting more concerned with things like being healthy as I get older and I’m not getting any younger!  Plus, Kitchen Bachelor is a fabulous inspiration.  PS- That shameless plug wasn’t even solicited!

Favorite Meal?
Spaghetti! I’d eat it until the end of time.

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