The Burrito Showdown

As some of you know, I love Burritos.  This love started from a visit to a burrito shack in Southern California many years ago.

Whether it’s the lunch time walk over to Robson Street for Red Burrito, the hunger pangs after Kits Beach requiring a visit to Burrito Bros., or a delicious morning breakfast burrito made from mi casa, all things wrapped in a warm blanket of tortilla is usually magic as far as I’m concerned.

This past weekend I was in Toronto for a wedding and happened to walk by Burrito Boyz on Adelaide Street.  My friends were saying that this place is always super packed and great for the late night post-boozing munchies.  That night, after a bottle-service affair at Brant House, I was in dire need of late-night food.  However, being “slightly tipsy” really doesn’t help matters when you’re not familiar with the city.  I begrudgingly made my way back to home base with a growl in my stomach.

Toronto CityscapeToronto HarbourfrontGargoyles

The next morning/afternoon I decided to go for a walk and explore Toronto for the first time on foot.  I’ve been to this city quite a few times, but have always been chauffeured, subway’d or cabbed.  Camera in tow, I walked around and explored the harbour front and Queen Street to clear the cobwebs from the previous night’s debacle.

It wasn’t long before I started getting hungry and decided to check out the missed opportunity at Burrito Boyz.  I found it and at about 3pm on a Friday, it was already packed with a lineup of 15 people deep.  Chatting with others in line, I was told that this is normal and can get line ups out the door on busy nights.


When I finally made it to the front, I decided on a large Halibut burrito with everything on it.  I’ve always loved the fish burrito at Burrito Bros in Kits, so this would give me an opportunity to do a taste comparison.  The lady at the counter must have known that I’m a newbie when I said that I wanted it hot with their xxx hot sauce.  She squeezed a drop of their hot sauce on a piece of lettuce and I tried it.  Within 2 seconds, a scorching red heat grew from my lips to my forehead.  She started laughing and said that that is why she loves her job.  Evil, I say!

After telling the first lady about the accoutrement I wanted on my burrito, I stood and waited another, what seemed like, 15 minutes as the burrito is put together and baked.  The burrito was huge, much bigger than the one in Kits.  Standard rice and beans.  Quite a few different sauces – sour cream, ketchup and hot sauce.  Veges were lettuce, green peppers and a few jalapenos.  The fish was lightly breaded and fried.  Overall, I give the taste a 6 out of 10.  It was good proportions for those that are starving but it was too Subway-ish for me – lacking the Tex-Mex or Mexican flavour I crave.  The long wait times didn’t win them any points either.

At Burrito Bros in Kits, it’s still a bit of an undiscovered hole-in-the-wall place which suits me fine.  I will continue to visit and have my Fish or Cabo Chicken Burrito Bomber, served with salsa, tortilla chips and the sweet Mexican lady who works there.

For the other burrito lovers out there, I’d love to hear about your favourite burritos in your city or what you put in your burritos!


6 thoughts on “The Burrito Showdown

  1. Oh yes, so my wonderful friend Sachi in Toronto, introduced me to Ratatouille (the movie). I only managed to catch half of the movie, but it was awesome! Anyone who loves French food will love it. Will have to finish it soon:)

  2. Burrito Bachelor… Being a NorCal boy, there as many taquerias in a 1 mile radius as sushi joints in Van.

    I miss my standard order: super burrito, carne asada con jalepenos, avocado, frijoles negros, no arroz, no crema, salsa picante. Gracias.

    Para aqui o llevar?

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