Big City Clubs versus Vancouver

Per my last post, I spent this past weekend in Toronto for a friend’s wedding.  On Thursday night which coincided with the Toronto International Film Festival, we were able to get into the Brant House by forking over $80 (for the guys) each for bottle service.  A little steep – but well worth it to get in without hassle.  Elegant ambiance and super hot staff combined with communal-style dinner tables which are then cleared out for the dance floor when the night goes off.


Brant House Toronto

What I found was that ladies were generally more friendly and open to banter at this club.  We chatted with a couple of lawyers, danced with some random Portuguese ladies to some Calle Ocho (such a catchy tune), and just really had a dope time overall.  I reasoned that being in a large city like Toronto or New York City, there are a lot more single folks and everyone needs to step up their social skills with good manners when it comes to random conversations.

This is in stark contrast to the attitude that you tend to get in Vancouver clubs.  What is it with this city?  Is it a case of small-city inferiority complex?  Ladies trying to be “all-that and a bucket of chicken wings” when they’re not?  There are definitely places in Vancouver that have a laid back, chill vibe – the old Bimini’s on 4th avenue comes to mind.  Ahh, we had some great times there.  It may have been the $6.50 double high-balls on Saturdays that helped as well:)

Anyone been to other major metropolitan cities in North America and can relate to this experience?  Would love to hear your experiences.


One thought on “Big City Clubs versus Vancouver

  1. Well, when I was at Buddha Bar in Paris, it’s a step up…but the Parisian ladies have reason to be. They’re seriously hot. I’d swap sides in a heartbeat. Most places in Paris are like that though. In North America, I find there are definitely more places to chill, depending on where you are. I mean, an evening at a speakeasy in Greenwich is night and day from a hopping club in Meatpacking.

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