Visit to the Farmer’s Market

When I used to live closer to the West End Farmer’s Market last year, it was a lot easier walking over on a Saturday to check out the great vibe and community of the local produce vendors and residents.  Since our Vancouver weather has been fantastic, I biked over on Saturday, backpack in tow for who knows what I’d be picking up.  I knew that I was going to pick up some squash to make soup as nothing says Autumn like soup!Westend Farmer's Market

Shopping at a farmer’s market is less power-shopping, more galavanting (my dad’s favourite word).  I tend to wander in and out of stalls, asking questions, touching the produce, smelling the produce – it’s all part of the experience.  Organic produce farmers come in from Abbotsford, the Okanagan, Maple Ridge and all over BC to sell their freshly plucked produce, free range meat, seafood, cheese and jams.  The summer season is almost over with Kitsilano opening till October 25th, so try to make it out there before the end of the season.  Locations and times can be found at

It occurred to me that this is a great place to meet women as well.  Yoga-mat totin’, health-conscious women who happen to be standing next to me while I ask them for their favourite recipes.  I had a few interesting conversations but will have to take it up a level next time.

Check out the produce I picked up for squash soup (recipe will follow-up on my next post).  I also picked up some mutton stew – highly recommended by Jamie Oliver for its amazing flavours.

I’d love to hear your experiences shopping at Farmer’s Markets – feel free to post your comments.


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