South American Adventure: The Itinerary

I’m off to South America this week – splitting my time between Chile and Argentina.  The travel bucket list has always included a trip to South America and it’s quite surreal that I’m actually on my way.Chile and Argentina Route

As some of you travellers know, one of the best aspects of travel is the planning and researching of the trip.   Given that I only have 3 weeks, it made this trip quite exciting to plan.  Argentina is a massive country and so I’ve had to book a few flights in order to see some of the best parts of the region.

Some of you have asked about my itinerary so I’ve attached a map of my route and some general idea of what I intend to see.  I’m very excited to be able to combine my passions of the outdoors, photography, food and wine in this trip.

The itinerary looks something like this:

– 4 days in Buenos Aires, Argentina to soak in the city’s great cafes, parrillas (steakhouses) and Tango
– 5 days in Patagonia, Chile for a trekking expedition
– 4 days in Santiago, Chile – not quite sure what I’m doing yet
– 5 days in Mendoza, Argentina – the home of Malbec and wine country

I plan to blog about my gastronomic and travel experiences on this trip.  I invite you to join me virtually.  See you in 3 weeks!


3 thoughts on “South American Adventure: The Itinerary

    • I will be spending a day on each end in Punta Arenas – as I’m joining an eco tour from there. Kinda decided to skip Ushuaia bcos of time – and needed to choose to either hike the Torres del Paine, or do Ushuaia. Will have to do that on another trip enroute to the Antarctic:)

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