From Living Room Floor to 60 Litre MEC Pack

Like so many travel blogs I’ve read, I thought it’d be fun to share what I packed for my 3 week trip that combines both backpacking and city travel. It’s spring time in Argentina and Chile with city temperatures ranging from 13-28 degrees Celsius.  However, I’m also trekking through Torres del Paine in Patagonia which ranges from -1 to 11 degrees.  Not the easiest of packing jobs.

Packing List

Here’s the packing list:

60 litre MEC travel pack
15 litre MEC daypack

2 t-shirts
2 merino-wool long-sleeve lightweight base layers
1 Gortex pants
1 Northface Jacket
1 Northface Fleece
1 long underwear polyester
1 button-up shirt
3 poly boxer briefs
2 pairs walking socks
2 pairs hiking socks
Waterproof hiking boots
Vans for city walking

Misc. hiking stuff:
1 litre widemouth waterbottle
2 litre Camelpack bladder
Travel cutlery
Digital watch
Eye glasses

Toiletries, etc.:
Regular shampoo, toothbrush mix, plus –
Scissors, nail clippers
Hydro cortisone
Disposable contact lenses

Nikon D60 DSLR camera – 18-55mm kit lens & 55-200mm lens
Camera battery and charger
20 gb of SD cards
USB card reader for SD cards (Staples, $19)
Universal adapter
USB charger with wallplug – for ipod (Futureshop, $15)

Health insurance card
Some USD
Lonely Planet for Argentina
Lonely Planet for Santiago, Chile (pdf printed section)
Credit card
Debit card

8 thoughts on “From Living Room Floor to 60 Litre MEC Pack

  1. Have a great time Shed!!!!!!!! Bring back a hot Argentinian lass for me (I mean) for Ferd. hee hee. Oh yeah…and take TONS of photos.

  2. Hey!! I was on your trip, we met at the Eco Camp in Patagonia, not sure if you remember. Anyways, hope you dont find it weird that I googled your blog when I got home. Hope you had an amazing trip (well, the rest of it, anyways). I’m learning more reading your page than I did while I was over there 🙂

    • Hey Stephanie! Great to hear from you! What an amazing trek eh? I had so much fun with our group and our guides! How are you dealing with the post vacation blues?

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