Buenos Aires: Day 1 & 2

It’s been a great day and a half of exploration.


On Day 1, having settled into my hostel, I ended up joining a German couple at a tango show out in La Boca.  It’s a bit of a tourist trap, but nonetheless, I decided to join the tour organized by the hostel as it didn’t involve a lot of thinking.  The whole thing was a bit of a gong show – from the booking, to the taxi, to the waiter who seemed like it was his first day on the job.  A steak dinner came with the show, and as I’m starting to find out, Argentineans love their steak well done and parillas usually serve a cheap cut of sirloin.  Don’t know how much steak I’ll have here.

i) ¨If there’s nothing else to talk about, talk about women!” – the guy at the hardware store finds out I speak English and proceeds to tell me how hot the women are in Buenos Aires.  I concurred, and said the same about Vancouver women.

ii) Argentine women cheek-kiss a lot – hot!

iii) Americans don’t make it this far south.  This means that English isn’t spoken a lot here.  My non-existent Spanish needs work.

On Day 2, I walked a lot.  Checked out the Palermo Soho area of fashionable boutique shops (you Metrosexual men would love it here – great local designers) and cafes.  I spent about 2 hours at a cafe caffeine-loading and reading.  Walked past the local zoo and onto this massive park where locals spend their weekends sunbathing and hanging out.  Lots of silicone-enhanced women here – it’s a terrible thing…NOT!  As I was reading my guidebook, this dude says hi and asks if I’m American.  Turns out he’s a retired co-founder of a biotech company in California and lives in Buenos Aires about 3 months a year.  He shows me the park, the rose garden and the free museum.  Friendly dude –  would never see that in Vancouver.

Late evening = nap.

I wake up around 8pm and walk over to Palermo Hollywood to find a nice dinner.  Settled for an Italian dinner.  Half a litre of wine, salad, pasta and an espresso for about $35. Can u dig it?

The partygoers are just about ready to hit the clubs around 1am.  I don’t have it in me nor the clothes to go partying.  Bring on the bunk bed.  Buenos noches!


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