Foodie Hotties #3: Padme Lakshmi

An author, an actress, a model, a businesswoman and an amazing cook.   This is Padme Lakshmi who easily makes it on the Kitchen Bachelor Foodie Hotties List.  Padme is an Indian American that you’ll probably recognize from Top Chef, the cooking show on Bravo where she stars alongside celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio.

Chocolate anyone?

Padme’s exotic look was first discovered when she was 16 by a modeling agent while at a cafe in Spain.  She’s since gone on to grace many magazine covers and international runways, take on films like Mistress of Spices (with Aishwarya Rai), published a couple cook books and now taking on Top Chef hosting honours.

You can find out more about this Foodie Hottie at her official website (I highly recommend checking out the Downloads and Photos links – no reason really).

View the other nominated Foodie Hotties under the “Celebrity Chefs” category.


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