Anthony Bourdain One-Liners: Chile

I was watching a recent re-run of Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” and laughed my ass off after hearing this one liner…

“After a few days here in Chile, I’ve come to realize that finding incredibly fresh seafood here is like finding Chlamydia at Burning Man.”

Oh damn, how can you not love this kind of writing!


Memories of Fried Rice

Ask any Asian friend of yours and most likely mum has made fried rice out of leftover rice at some point in their childhood.  With most Asian families running their rice-cooker everyday, it’s no wonder fried rice always makes it to the dinner table.

I don’t usually make typical Chinese dinners so this was a nice treat for me as well.  Armed with leftover rice, some fresh chicken and some veges, it was SO SIMPO <apply Russell Peters accent here>.

Difficulty rating: 2 out of 5

– Leftover rice to feed 4 (cold is better)
– Chicken thighs or breast
– Celery
– Frozen peas or vege mix
– Teriyaki, soy and oyster sauce
– Chopped onions and garlic
– White pepper

1. Heat up a non-stick pan, add Canola oil
2. Fry onions and garlic
3. Add chicken and saute until cooked through
4. Add veges to the pan
4. Add sauces to taste (I like my fried rice tasty)
5. Add white pepper if you have any (so much better)
6. Add cold leftover rice to the pan and start breaking up the clumps
7. Mix well and add more seasoning if needed

Date Spot: Flamenco in Vancouver

My memories of Flamenco will never be the same after witnessing this sensual and powerful Spanish dance in Sevilla, Espana.  However one can easily reminisce about that tiny dark bar in Sevilla’s narrow and confusing streets at the Kino Cafe on Cambie Street.

It’s a great date spot for something inventive and sexy.  Ambiance-wise, the left side of the restaurant kinda looks like a sports pub but you can easily drift into the mood of the moment once the lights go down.  The menu is somewhat confused between tapas and bar food.  I recently sampled their Tomato Bocconcini and Lasagna and it was quite good.

Check out some of the photos below.  Oh and by the way, bring some coins or small change as the dancers come around after each session for donations.  A small fee to pay for the amazing entertainment!  Ole!

Sole Fettuccini for the Siblings

Some of you know that my siblings and I have a tradition of a weekly dinner together.  It’s usually my sis and her husband (my bro in law), but when my brother is in town from the valley, then that makes 4 of us.  We take turns making dinner which makes for a nice night off from cooking each week.

Here’s a simple and rustic pasta and fish dish that we had recently:  Fillet of Sole with Fettuccine, tossed with olive oil, garlic and cherry tomatoes.

Difficulty rating: 2 out of 5
Serves: 4

– 8 small fillets of sole (Safeway had a sale off frozen sole fillets)
– Whole wheat Fettuccine
– Cherry tomatoes (halved)
– Garlic
– Green onions
– 2 tbsp Butter
– Olive oil

1. Cook the pasta
2. While pasta is boiling, heat your pan to medium-high, add Canola oil
3. Dry the fish, and season them with salt and pepper
4. Pan sear the fillets (they cook quite quickly, probably 3 mins a side – once it flakes easily with a fork, it’s ready)
5. Remove the fish
6. Preheat another pan and add butter and olive oil
7. When the butter starts bubbling, add chopped garlic and green onions
8. Toss in the cooked pasta and cherry tomatoes – get the oil and butter to coat the pasta
9. Season well with salt and pepper
10. Serve pasta and top off with the fillets

Call your siblings or friends.  Share some food!