Great Fall Day for the Farmers Market

I was in the west-end this Saturday and decided to stop in at the Farmers Market. I had to share this photo of these amazing green zebra tomatoes that were on display! Amazing right? Bought some mini white eggplants and carrots for lamb stew, served with a bottle of Marechal Foch from Lang Vineyards in the Okanagan. Check out my next post for more about wine.

Next Saturday (October 23) is the last day for the summer season. Head out there to support local farmers!


Seafood Lovers Mini-Feast

For you seafood lovers, this is what I had for dinner tonight – took about 10 minutes to put together.  Fresh, tasty and nutritious – except for the stick of butter of course!

Refer to my previous post for a quick recipe.

Naramata Road Trip

I had about 3 weeks off this summer between quitting my old job and starting my new one.  It was a beautiful time.  It was sunny in Vancouver for once.  It was a sports lovers dream with The World Cup, Tour de France and Wimbledon all happening around the same time.  And I capped it off with a road-trip to Naramata, British Columbia in the Okanagan for biking and wine-tastings.  Tough, real tough, eh?

Naramata is chock full of B&Bs and it was actually quite painless to find a place with short notice.  Check out this link for bed and breakfasts.  We ended up booking with the Copper Goose B & B, run by a lovely couple by the name of Carolle and Gerhard.  Carolle looks after the amazing organic garden which grows the herbs and vegetables for breakfast, while Gerhard, a former chef, prepares probably the best breakfast I’ve had in a long while.  They’re super friendly and knowledgeable and were more than happy to make reservations for dinner for us.

Needless to say, the 10 or so wineries we hit up were amazing and I stocked up on a case of wine.

My favourites are:

1. Laughing Stock Portfolio, 2007 – to age for 10 years, who wants to share it in 2017
2. Lake Breeze Bench White
3. Lang Vineyards, Grand Pinot, 2008
4. Soaring Eagle, Syrah, 2006
5. Lang Marechal Foch, 2008 (this required 2 bottles)
6. Red Rooster, Meritage Reserve, 2007

For dinner reservations, Gerhard recommended a patio seat at the Hillside Estate Winery & Bistro.  The sunset, Coq au Vin and a glass of Cabernet Franc – nothing better!

The next time you find yourself between jobs, or craving a roadtrip, live your own version of the movie “Sideways” and head to Naramata.

Environmentally-Friendly Sushi = Date Friendly

Shizenya Sakura Blossom Roll

My sister was recently raving about this new sushi spot called Shizenya, which is at the corner of Hornby and Nelson Street.  The owners describe their philosophy as focused on “dietary safety and environmental-protection”.  This comes to fruition with a menu that serves only wild fish, organic greens, brown rice, msg-free and with no additives.  Ironically, up the street on Burrard, was the site of the recent hazmat chemical situation with the Electra building.

In a city like Vancouver where more and more people are interested in eating wholesome local food, you can’t go wrong by taking a date to this sushi joint.  Not only will she think that you heart earth but she’ll also be impressed with the quality of fresh ingredients and your knowledge of this tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant!

Try out the Sakura Blossom Roll (see picture on right) – juicy fresh crab, spicy albacore tuna, cucumber and organic avocada, rolled with brown rice, wrapped with wild sockeye salmon, and plated with creamy maple dressing.  Hot damn!