Environmentally-Friendly Sushi = Date Friendly

Shizenya Sakura Blossom Roll

My sister was recently raving about this new sushi spot called Shizenya, which is at the corner of Hornby and Nelson Street.  The owners describe their philosophy as focused on “dietary safety and environmental-protection”.  This comes to fruition with a menu that serves only wild fish, organic greens, brown rice, msg-free and with no additives.  Ironically, up the street on Burrard, was the site of the recent hazmat chemical situation with the Electra building.

In a city like Vancouver where more and more people are interested in eating wholesome local food, you can’t go wrong by taking a date to this sushi joint.  Not only will she think that you heart earth but she’ll also be impressed with the quality of fresh ingredients and your knowledge of this tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant!

Try out the Sakura Blossom Roll (see picture on right) – juicy fresh crab, spicy albacore tuna, cucumber and organic avocada, rolled with brown rice, wrapped with wild sockeye salmon, and plated with creamy maple dressing.  Hot damn!


3 thoughts on “Environmentally-Friendly Sushi = Date Friendly

  1. When I chatted with the owner, I asked about the increased costs for them since everything is of better quality. She mentioned that they do have to spend more, but that’s why they don’t offer bento boxes like normal sushi places. It’s all about fresh sushi. Yum-O, I say! YUM-O!!!:)

    • Thanks for the introduction to this place! It’s top of my list for sushi right now, even though it’s a few extra bucks. I think the key is not to get carried away with all the great items on the menu, or else, you’ll be walking out with a $20 bill/per person!

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