Kitchen Essentials for the Bachelor’s Kitchen

There’s nothing more frustrating than not having the right tools to do a job.

For those of you wanting to spend more time creating meals in your kitchen, here’s a good primer on The Kitchen Bachelor’s essential cookware and kitchenware to stock your drawers and cupboards:dream kitchen?

  1. Pots – I like having both a medium and large sized pot (one for general use and another to make stock, stews, chilli, soups, etc.)
  2. Pans – if you have the money, spring for a cast-iron, if not at least a good quality stainless steel and a non-stick.
  3. Chef’s knife – really, you need something sharp
  4. Paring knife – for pealing
  5. Oven mitts
  6. Wooden spoons
  7. Slotted spoon
  8. Vegetable peeler
  9. Can opener
  10. Strainer
  11. Oil bottles – nothing more annoying than pouring too much oil and having to dump out oil – get yourself a bottle with a spout
  12. Salt cup – I prefer to have my salt in a little cup that has a lid, rather than using a shaker – which tends to build moisture if you’re shaking over a steaming pan or pot; also gives you greater control on quantity.
  13. Pepper grinder – everyone needs fresh ground pepper
  14. Zester/Grater – for lime/lemon zest and grating cheese
  15. Whisk – to impress your date with meringue or some baked goods
  16. Metal bowls – I use these general purpose bowls for everything from marinating meats to mixing salads
  17. Decanter – aerate your good wines at least 3 hours before serving
  18. Coffee grinder – not only to grind your fresh coffee beans, but also to grind up pesto sauces or curry mixes
  19. Air-tight containers – I use these vacuum-seal containers to store various spices and coffee beans

Some ideas on where to shop for cookware in Vancouver:

  1. Dunleavy Food Equipment – This warehouse on 7th and Manitoba is catered to those in the food business, but it’s open to the public and you can save yourself a few dollars by purchasing at wholesale prices.
  2. Ming Wo – I’ve picked up some good deals on contemporary square bowls that have always received great compliments.
  3. The Gourmet Warehouse – Hastings – good selection of stuff
  4. Home Sense – good deals on named-brand stuff

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